Youre The Man Now Dog

Unlocked: J’Accuse, J’Perv w/ Paul F. Tompkins + D’Arcy Carden

November 6, 2020
No new episode this week, but in its stead we're unlocking one of our favorite Patreon episodes featuring a couple folks you might know. Hope it's enough to hold you over and we'll see ya next week!
Ryan and Dan are joined by returning favorites D'Arcy Carden (@darcycarden) and Paul F. Tompkins (@PFTompkins) for a monoscene inspired by the Peter Gabriel song "Sledgehammer". It's got hardware, it's got tunes, it's got family drama, it's got beans.
Special thanks to Casey Trela for the theme song and Annie Wu for our new logo.
As always, feel free to check out ALL episodes on and follow us on twitter and instagram @mandogpod, @chosenberg, @danlippertcool.

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