Youre The Man Now Dog

Episode 49: Landlord Justice w/ Kale Hills + Haley Hepworth

November 6, 2020

Dan and Ryan welcome Kale Hills (@KaleEthan) and Haley Hepworth (@haleyhepworth) to the show for a little chat about landlords, Halloween plans, scary movie tolerance, getting your house egged and large height differences within couples. They also listen to voicemails from listeners Rachel and Dave.

As discussed near the end of the episode, here is a short list of activist resources and opportunities for anyone looking to get involved during this critical upcoming month.

Become A Poll Worker

Phone/Text Bank For ACLU:  Enter your zipcode to find phone banks near you

Campaign Zero: Find legislation in 10 states and more locally addressing police violence and sign up to get involved

Phone Bank For Biden/Harris Ways to get involved with Planned Parenthood, contact elected officials and attend reproductive rights events

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