Youre The Man Now Dog

Episode 46: Lumpy Hummus w/ Mary Holland + Cissy Fenwick

October 9, 2020
Dan and Ryan welcome Mary Holland (@mholland85) and Cissy Fenwick (@cisfenwick) to the show to chat about spreading your ashes, midnight volleyball, summer ants and that autumn magic. Based on those conversations and a voicemail from listener Becca, the gang does scenes featuring talking greenery, axe murders, business deals and misplaced remotes.
Leave a short story on our voicemail and you too could be featured in an upcoming episode: (818) 465-8656
As discussed near the end of the episode, here is a short list of activist resources and opportunities for anyone looking to get involved during this critical upcoming month.
Phone/Text Bank For ACLU:  Enter your zipcode to find phone banks near you
Campaign Zero: Find legislation in 10 states and more locally addressing police violence and sign up to get involved Ways to get involved with Planned Parenthood, contact elected officials and attend reproductive rights events
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