Youre The Man Now Dog

Episode 44: Butterscotch & Butterbean w/ Jacquis Neal

September 25, 2020
From Culture Kings, Dan and Ryan welcome Jacquis Neal (@jacquisneal) to the show to talk Spongebob, getting punched, stress-induced acid reflux and watching your friends play video games. The scenes feature a Prom Night Fight Club, a misunderstanding at Subway and an episode of The People's Court.
Thanks to Sarah, Kevin and Miranda for this week's voicemails. Leave a short story on our voicemail and you too could be featured in an upcoming episode: (818) 465-8656
We've also got a bonus episode today available at the Big Dogs tier. It features returning champions Ali Ghandour and Casey Feigh. For video of that episode, this episode and many others hit us up:
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